Bathroom Tiles & Job Interviews

The 70s are alive and well.

I had an interview today. Since I am geographically challenged (the GPS is my best friend) and I don’t like feeling rushed, I was early (I might be gaining orientation skills because I didn’t feel lost at all today).

I was early, but I am easily entertained. First, it was the walls in the HR hallway. I mean. I so regretted not having blue tinged Rothys and would have loved to have lain down on the floor and propped my feet up the wall because it would have made such a fun picture. But, well, decorum and professionalism and all. I managed to sneak a selfie. Then I thought I might as well use the restroom while I waited. I was NOT disappointed!!! The other university has the pink bomb bathroom. THIS one had orange floors and green and yellow striped walls! In the SAME BATHROOM!

I was finally called into the interview room. Everyone shakes hands and smiles. I don’t think I know how to say hi without smiling. Besides, I’m still smiling because I’d been talking to the HR person about the orange bathroom on my way to the interview room… and we were both giggly.

Interviewer # 1: I see you found us.

Me: Yes!

And… being me… I didn’t stop there.

Still me: Yes! And I went into the restroom in the HR building and OH! MY! The orange floor! And the striped walls!

Interviewer # 2: I KNOW!!! Aren’t they great?!!!

Me: Yes! It’s like a theme in this county – the colleges and the 70s bathrooms.

Interviewer # 2 and # 3 are laughing. Interviewer # 1 is looking confused.

Me (addressing Interviewer # 1 – who I know knows the pink bathroom building): The pink bathroom in the “x” building?

Interviewer # 1 still confused.

Interviewer # 3: Oh! She doesn’t use the bathroom, apparently.

We’re all laughing.

Me: Sorry!!! Total tangent. Part of me wants to launch a project to take pictures of the colorful bathrooms in the county. That would be fun. But I realize that’s not why I’m here.

Interviewer # 1: Right. Um. [probably making a mental note to walk into the bathrooms on campus] So… shall we begin?

And THAT is how to accidentally break the ice at a job interview and [also accidentally] prove that, as you’ve stated in your resume, you have multiple interests and a curious brain

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