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Love Letter

Paper mosaic/collage and visual poetry published in Streetcake Magazine, Issue 81 part 1. A detail (lower right corner) picture here:

Never After

What happens when the big bad wolf just wants to be left in peace and hates huffing and puffing? Fractured fairytale flash fiction at Bright Flash Literary Review. Photo by Pixabay on

Lyra’s Winston

Short story published in Soft Star Magazine. The issue is available for free on Issuu as a digital version. It is also available as a physical copy for purchase on Amazon. Photo by Pixabay on

older & wiser

A micro 50-word story published in Cuento Magazine. Photo by Chevanon Photography on Here is a non-twitter version: older & wiser She enters a café and a song plays. One that makes her feel nineteen again. In love again. In lust again. In heartbreak again. She swaps a thanks for a cappuccino. A new... Continue Reading →

Recounting Hands

Prose poetry/flash fiction published in Ekphrastic Review - Marathon Anthology. Written during the ekphrastic review marathon inspired by picture below. PDF Anthology.

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