Links to Published Stories


5 Reasons Why Lily Hates Peter — Forthcoming in The Dribble Drabble Review (Spring Issue)


Seasons of the Ear — Star82 Review

With Tongue — Jellyfish Review

Chrysalises — Star82 Review (Fall)

Needy Little Cephalopod — Sky Island Journal Summer Issue

We Haven’t Any Home — Forthcoming in MSUL Short Edition

Not Enough Sheep — MoonPark Review – Fall Edition – Issue 21

What Not to Wear — Forthcoming in Sky Island Journal Fall Issue

Daily Log: 18 Weeks — Streetcake Magazine — Nominated Best of the Net 2023

Saudades (flip book – pg 67) or (website) — Book of Matches

Early — Bright Flash Literary Review

Email Scraps — Streetcake Magazine

His Name Started With F — Litbreak Magazine

Boto (Shortlisted in FracturedLit Contest) — pacificReview: Atlantis & other lost places

The Baby Died. The End. — Flying South Anthology 2022 (at: Barnes&Nobles, Amazon, BooksaMillion)

I Knew I Loved You The Day You Bit Me — Discretionary Love

An Incomplete List of All The Books I’ll Never Write — Flash Boulevard

Convincing Your Mother-in-Law You are Enough — Flash Boulevard

Hindsight — Flash Boulevard

Breathless Confessions — Flash Boulevard

Neighborhood Watch — Bright Flash Literary Review

I regret to inform you that your former hitman can’t take your call — Idle Ink

The garage was his art gallery, or maybe his church — 50-Word Stories

The Tough Get Sushi — Across the Margins

Recounting Hands — Ekphrastic Review Anthology

It Takes Two to Tango — Beautiful: In the eye of the beholder (Anthology)

Almost Heaven, West Virginia, 1957 — 50-Word Stories

I Miss the Snakes – Red Ogre Review

Postscripts — Potato Soup Journal


I Read Playboy for the Articles… — Potato Soup Journal & Best of 2021 Anthology

Fragile Things — Flying South Anthology

Soggy Toast — Brilliant Flash Fiction Anthology

I Didn’t Mean to Steal Your Pumpkins — Flash Fiction Magazine

My Father Killed My Kittens — Flash Fiction Magazine

Roommates – Ariel Chart

Wish I Knew You When I Was Young — SLO Village Newsletter

My Neighbor Friend — SLO Village Newsletter

Relationships are a Magic Potion – SLO Village Newsletter

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